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Keeping up with proper vehicle maintenance is easier than you think, it can save you money and it can save you from unnecessary break downs.
You can protect your family’s safety by meeting your vehicle’s maintenance needs. While it’s easy to be car care aware, too many people are putting off simple preventative maintenance and repairs that could make their vehicles safer, more dependable and save them money.

The service interval schedule provides easy-to-follow maintenance tips for vehicle systems, including: braking, heating and cooling, electrical and ignition, emission control, fuel, and steering and suspension. Vehicle components such as tires, windshield wipers, lights and the vehicle’s body are also addressed in the schedule.

When you have trouble:
We're sorry to hear that you're having automotive trouble. What can you tell us about the problem with your vehicle? Is it making a funny noise? Are you having trouble accelerating? Have you noticed that you have to press harder on your brakes to slow your vehicle down? The more you can tell us about the issue, the faster and more accurately we can diagnose the problem. Not sure how to describe the issue? We'll be happy to take a ride with you to help figure it out.

Give us as much information about your vehicle's problem as you can, and don’t feel silly trying to imitate the noise your vehicle is making. We've heard just about everything. Tell us if the problem only occurs at certain speeds. Does the issue come up only when the car has been running for a long period of time? Does it happen only when you brake or make sharp turns?

Tell your Beatty Automotive Service Specialist how long you've had the problem with your vehicle. Be sure to mention if it has occurred before and let us know if your vehicle has had any recent repair work or service.

Pinpointing the cause of an automotive problem can take some time. A Beatty Automotive Service Specialist will conduct a thorough diagnostic sequence to uncover the source of the problem and determine how to fix it.

It's your vehicle, and you need to make an informed decision about all repairs. Exercise your right to see the problem once it's identified, and ask your Beatty Automotive Service Specialist about all your options.

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